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Domain names must consist of alpha characters, numeric characters, or the minus sign '-'. Other characters are not accepted. You cannot begin or end a domain name with a minus sign. Domain Names are not case sensitive. Do not enter 'www' in front of the domain name.

A domain which ends with .com, .net or .org will be registered automatically.

Domain registration for other countries: The client is responsible for contacting the NIC in the respective country to complete the registration form. Be sure to put in our DNS servers listed below when filling out the form.

If you are transferring an existing domain name we will transfer it for you. 

Domain Name: www.
Below choose a new domain if we are registering the domain for you.
New Domain Registration Transfer existing domain Don't register me (I will handle my Domain Registration)
***New Registrations Only***
Please select the number of years for which you would like your domain registered.   

Note: We charge $30 for 1 year  $50.00 for two years, or 20.00 a year for 3 or more years. . .(cheaper then network solutions)


The user name must start with alpha characters and consist of alpha characters, numeric characters, the minus sign '-' or underline '_'. Alpha characters must be in lower case. The length of User Name and Password should be no more than 8 characters. Put register domain only in the comments section if you are only parking the domain name and we are not hosting it.
User Name:
Hosting Plan
  Will you be using Microsoft Frontpage To publish your web-site? Not sure? You can change it by e-mailing or calling us.
Owner Information
Name (first,last):
City, State, Zipcode:
State (if other than the United States or Canada):
Phone Number:
Fax: (Optional)
Please enter an additional e-mail address below. This address should originate outside of our network, providing us with an alternatative way to contact you via e-mail(your current e-mail address).
Off Network E-mail:

 InterNIC Contact Information

Please do not change this section unless you would like to fill in specific Contact information for the InterNIC registration.
Use the information above for the Administrative Contact information.
Use the information above for the Billing Contact information.
Have us be your Technical Contact.

 Payment Information

Payment Method
Credit card payment only, please fill out the information below.
Payment Type:
Card Number:
Name on Card:
Expiration Date: /

Payment Plan
Monthly (No Discount)
Quarterly (5% Discount)
Semi-Annual (10% Discount)
Annual (15% Discount)


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